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Thank you for being interested in your child's education and working to support your child's academic achievement through being an informed parent. By utilizing PowerSchool to access current information regarding your child's attendance, assignment, and grade information, you are reinforcing the belief that your child's education is important. In addition to staying abreast of current academic developments, PowerSchool can be a direct link to your child's teacher through email.

The intent of this brochure's information is to help you become familiar with PowerSchool screens and functions. If any of this brochure's information can be improved and hence be more helpful, then please let us know. We believe that an involved parent is a powerful parent and we believe that PowerSchool can be a valuable tool. Once you have received your "Username" and "Password" for the school, please try PowerSchool and let us know what you think. Also, feel free to direct any questions, concerns, or comments about PowerSchool to Mr. Collver or Mrs. Borges. Thank you for your continued support.

Once you have obtained your "Username" and "Password", please visit https://cuddeback.powerschool.com/public/ to log in. Enter them in to the fields and click the enter key to proceed.