Career Tech

  Jon Sapper, Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services | (707) 445-7166
  Jan Moorehouse, Executive Director, Rising Stars Foundation | (707) 445-7164

Career Counseling/Kuder Navigator

Contact: Susi Huschle | (707) 445-7563

These programs provide classroom or 1-on-1 assistance with educational guidance, career planning, resume assistance, and many other tools to help students prepare for life after high school and the world of work. The Kuder Navigator is an assessment and career planning tool purchased by HCOE for every 6th – 12th grader in Humboldt County.

Humboldt Regional Occupational Program (HROP)

Contact: Jan Moorehouse | (707) 445-7018

We are pleased to offer quality programs and services helping to prepare students for the ever-changing workforce of the 21st Century. HROP offers classes at most Humboldt County high schools as well as some adult programs.

Visit the HROP site.

Personal Data Wizard (PDW)

Contact: Scott Keele | (707) 445-7115

An interactive program to create applications, resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, budgets, interest assessments and provide other activities and resources.

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Transition Partnership Program (TPP)

Contact: Nancy Blinn | (707) 445-7163

A career technical training and employment program that benefits community, students and employers. TPP's goal is to assist students with barriers to employment to become competitive in the world of work. It serves youth who are 16 years of age and older who qualify for Department of Rehabilitation guidelines. Students should be willing to work and be available to participate.

WorkAbility I

Contact: Patty Childress | (707) 839-6483

A California transition program serving Humboldt County funded by California Department of Education helping students learn to earn. The mission of WorkAbility I is to promote the involvement of key stakeholders including students, families, educators, employers and other agencies that will culminate in successful student transition to employment, life-long learning and quality of adult life.