Glen Paul School

Damon Collier
(707) 445-7068

Hello and welcome to Glen Paul School. Our school is currently comprised of 16 special day classes for severely handicapped students which are located on the Glen Paul campus and regular education campuses scattered throughout Humboldt County. Currently our host schools are Pacific Union Elementary School, Peninsula Elementary School, Ridgewood Elementary School, Toddy Thomas Elementary School, Loleta Elementary School, Calvary Lutheran School, and Fortuna High School.

Our programs are designed to meet the special education needs of children and youth from ages 3 to 22. The goal of the Glen Paul School program is to provide students with educational opportunities which allow them to gain maximum independence at home, at school, in the community and in future job placements.

Children and youth may be referred to the school by parents, teachers, physicians, agencies or any concerned individual with parent consent. The student's Individual Education Plan team determines what special education related services may be needed to assist the student in benefiting from specially designed instruction.

We have excellent teachers and support staff that work hard to ensure that each student in our program reaches their maximum potential. Professional development opportunities for teachers are offered and encouraged to enable teachers to remain on top of the latest research and teaching methods.

Please call us if you have any questions about the Glen Paul School program.