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Humboldt Del Norte Athletic League
Constitution & Bylaws
Lasted Revised: Monday, February 02, 1998

Humboldt - Del Norte League Structure

How it started

                     I.            The beginning of the original high school league was a result of a motion made in the assembly of high school teachers at the County Institute on September 22,1906.

  1. Two representatives, one from the facility and one from the student body of each of the four high schools met in Eureka for the purpose of establishing a League.
  2. The executive committee, consisting of the above eight representatives began work on drafting a constitution to establish the league for the county high schools.
  3. The constitution named the league the "High School Debating and Athletic League of Humboldt County." The Ferndale, Arcata and Fortuna student bodies adopted the constitution as presented. Eureka High School did not adopt the league constitution, until certain amendments were adopted.
  4. The Fortuna 1908 Yearbook lists Mr. Inskip and Arthur Gates (student) as the Fortuna High School's representatives to the league's executive committee.

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Current Officers of the HDN League


Vice President


Jerry Jorgensen from McKinleyville High

Dave Albee from Southern Trinity

Charlie Lakin - Retired Educator

These officers were elected in May 1997 and will server until May 1999.

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