Chris Johnson

Arcata High School Graduate 1976

No Current Picture of Chris Johnson

The following information was obtained from LPGA Players Book.

In 1975 Chris won the Northern California Junior Girls Championship, Chris was honored as a member of the Northern California International Junior Cup team. After graduation from Arcata High School in 1976 Chris went to the University of Arizona. She was an All-American in 1979 and 1980. In 1985 She was inducted into the University of Arizona Sports Hall of Fame. While Chris was attending the University of Arizona she completed her degree in accounting.

Chris has several highlights in her professional career. She has won seven LPGA Tournaments since turning professional. Her seventh career victory was at the Star Bank LPGA Classic in 1995. (This is latest information I have, Webmaster) Chris has been featured in "Fairway" magazine in 1984, 1985 and 1992. Chris married Bill Shearman in 1990. Chris's folks still live in Arcata and Chris is living in Tucson AZ. Chris does get back to Arcata. So, if you she her say HI.