Girl's Basketball Pioneers

Yvonne Rocha and others basketball pioneers:

Girl’s Basketball started years before the boys in the Humboldt Del Norte League. The first recorded game was played in Ferndale against Fortuna. The yearbook’s record was not very detailed, but was a hard fought battle. The court was muddy. Girls were playing the game before the schools had facilities big enough to handle a full size court.

In the fall/winter of 1928 girls’ sports just disappeared locally.

In 1967 a full five years before Title IX became the law of the land, Yvonne and six area coaches met and started their own, but not officially recognized, Humboldt Del Norte League girls basketball program. These coaches developed their own schedules arranged for officials pleaded with their school officials to provide transportation, arrange gym times, guided fund raising activities. Officials came primarily from the Humboldt State Universities Physical Education majors. Fund raising by the team members provided for equipment and uniforms. Any extra funds help pay for the official’s time and gas money. These six coaches who pioneered Girl’s basketball in the Humboldt Del Norte League are:

Yvonne Rocha – Fortuna High School

Shirley Cramer - McKinleyville High School

Liz Parrot – Eureka High School

Perky Roberts – St Bernard High School

Eveyln Fielding – Arcata High School

Deanna Carlson – Ferndale

All of these women are still around except for Evelyn Fielding. The other five are retired.