Last Updated Thursday, March 20, 1997

YearDebateCoachQuestion and Position
1906/07Arcata High SchoolUnknown"Resolved; that France has done more for the advance of civilization than England." Affirmative Sole Debater - Charles Kasch
1907/08Ferndale High SchoolUnknown"Resolved: that the time has come when the United States should abandon it's policy of protection." Negative Sole debater -Kenneth Robarts
1908/09Fortuna High SchoolUnknownResolved; that women should have equal suffrage with men in the U.S." Affirmative Sole debater - Arthur Gates
1909/10Ferndale High SchoolUnknown"Resolved, That the increase of naval and military forces by the nations of the world is unnecessary and detrimental to civilization."
1910/11Fortuna High SchoolUnknown"Resolved: that the Panama Canal should be fortified." Negative, Team Members: Edith Wooldridge, Paul Jasper, Vesta Hansell
1911/12Eureka High SchoolUnknown"Resolved: that the Employers Liability Act of California is a just and equitable law."
1912/13Eureka or Arcata ??Unknown
1913/14Arcata High SchoolUnknown"Resolved, That present conditions require the abandonment of the Monroe Doctrine." Affirmative
1914/15Arcata or Fortuna ??UnknownHeld April 24, 1915
1915/16Eureka High SchoolUnknown"Resolved, That the U.S. should acquire a merchant marine to be operated in foreign and domestic trade." Affirmative
1916/17Ferndale High School ?UnknownUnknown
1917/18Eureka High SchoolUnknown"Resolved, that the legislature of California should consist of one house." Affirmative
1920/21Eureka High SchoolUnknown"Resolved, that the corporations of California are not bearing a just and proper share of taxation." Affirmation

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