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Board of Trustees
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Humboldt County Office of Education

Catherine Stone District Superintendent/Principal cstone@nohum.k12.ca.us

Office Staff
Cathryn Babinski District Office Technician cbabinski@nohum.k12.ca.us
Karen Roberts Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent kroberts@nohum.k12.ca.us

Classroom Teachers
Mark Barsanti Teacher - Math, Grades 7 & 8 mbarsanti@nohum.k12.ca.us
Christi Cocks Teacher - Grade 4 christi@nohum.k12.ca.us
Megan Day Teacher - Grade 2 mday@nohum.k12.ca.us
Angie Dean Teacher - Grade 1 adean@nohum.k12.ca.us
Nick Dedini Teacher - Grade 6 ndedini@nohum.k12.ca.us
Thomas FitzMaurice Teacher - Kindergarten tfitzmaurice@nohum.k12.ca.us
Catherine Girard Teacher - Grade 3 cgirard@nohum.k12.ca.us
Kirk Goddard Teacher - Social Science, Grades 7 & 8 kgoddard@nohum.k12.ca.us
Peter Harrison Teacher - Grade 6 pharrison@nohum.k12.ca.us
Jeanette Hassler Teacher - Physical Education jhassler@nohum.k12.ca.us
Rachael Hatchett Teacher - First Grade rhatchett@nohum.k12.ca.us
Sarah Holmes Teacher - English/Lang. Arts, Grades 7 & 8 sholmes@nohum.k12.ca.us
Patricia Long Teacher - Grade 2 plong@nohum.k12.ca.us
Sarah McDowall Teacher - Grade 5 smcdowall@nohum.k12.ca.us
Melanie Nannizzi Teacher - Grade 3 mnannizzi@nohum.k12.ca.us
Pamela Ritter Teacher - Kindergarten pritter@nohum.k12.ca.us
Susan Siporin-Stein Spanish Teacher -Grade 7 & 8 sstein@nohum.k12.ca.us
Diana Skiles Teacher - Science, Grades 7 & 8 dskiles@nohum.k12.ca.us
Bill Trewartha Teacher - Grade 5 btrewartha@nohum.k12.ca.us
Heidi Walsh Teacher - Grade 4 hwalsh@nohum.k12.ca.us

Support Staff
Laura Arrington Teacher - Music, Grades 5-8 larrington@nohum.k12.ca.us
Janet Beckstead Teacher - Music, Grades K - 4 janutgogo@hotmail.com
Jenney Bickel Reading Specialist jbickel@nohum.k12.ca.us
Valerie Bourne PIP/Drama Instructor vbourne@nohum.k12.ca.us
Colleen Bryie After School Care/Yard Duty Supervisor
Rebecca Corrigan Library Technician rcorrigan@nohum.k12.ca.us
Christine Goddard Resource Specialist/Special Education cgoddard@nohum.k12.ca.us
Jeannie Hassler Athletic Director jhassler@nohum.k12.ca.us
Chris Hill Psychologist chill@humboldt.k12.ca.us
Keith Mack Technology Instructor Kmack1@nohum.k12.ca.us
John Moore Maintenance johnmoore@nohum.k12.ca.us
Abby Munro-Proulx After School Enrichment Coord aproulx@nohum.k12.ca.us
Anita Reynolds Speech Therapist areynolds@nohum.k12.ca.us
Ted Rhoades Lead Custodian
Vacant Vacant Counselor/School Psych @nohum.k12.ca.us
Bev Welch Food Service/Crossing Guard


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