Nutrition Education – Farm To School

Farm Field Trips

Farm to School Programs connect farms with school cafeterias and classrooms. Varying in scope, these programs can range from farm field trips to nutrition education in the classroom to farm fresh salad bars.

The Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) runs Farm to School Programs in many regions of California, including Humboldt County. CAFF’s Know Your Farmer Education Program offers hands-on nutrition education in the classroom and on working farms, and teaches students the benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption and about local agriculture. CAFF's Farm to Cafeteria Program offers technical assistance and coordination to school districts interested in incorporating locally grown, fresh produce into the cafeteria. ¬†CAFF also works closely with the County Offices of Education in Humboldt and Del Norte to help them source local produce and provide farmer profiles for their Harvest of the Month programs.


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