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Farm To School Information for Teachers

Teachers and administrators can help make the connection between the farm, the classroom, and the cafeteria. There are endless options for curriculum and activities that teachers can do with their students to engage them in food and farming education, including school garden curriculum. CAFF also offers the Know Your Farmer Program to K-4th grade classrooms, which includes classroom lessons as well as a field trip to a local farm. Contact Erin ( to learn more about Know Your Farmer opportunities for your students.

It may also helpful to communicate with your food service director to see if there are ways to support Farm to School efforts in the cafeteria. Teachers can act as salad bar monitors or cheerleaders, or eat lunch with their students can encourage them to try new cafeteria options. Recipe taste testing can take place in the classroom prior to appearing on the school menu.


Example of Farm to School language in School Wellness Policies