Here is a photo of the sailing ship, Mary Jane. It is very similar to the large sailing ships that Bendixon made.


By Daniel

Bendixon built ships in Aaborg, Denmark for two years learning the ship builders trade. He came to Eureka in 1868. He was hired to build ships that would sail to San Francisco San Pablo and islands in the Pacific. When he came to Humboldt County there weren't many ships, and the ones that they had often were shipwrecked while going out the bay to the ocean.

He built strong ships that could get out of the bay safely. They built the ships out of Redwood. After a few years he built his ships in Fairhaven, a small town north of Somoa.

When ships came to Eureka,they put ballast of rocks and wood down inside of them. Otherwise the ships would be too light. When they got here, they unloaded the ballast and loaded the redwood planks. First Street in Eureka became a street when all of the ballast unloaded brought he land up to grade.

 Each ship cost about seventeen thousand dollars. He also built tug boats. When he died his wife took his body back to Denmark in 1902 for burial.



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