Captain H.H. Buhne

By Shelby and Susie

Captain H.H. Buhne was a great captain who bar piloted the first sailing vessel (the Laura Virginia) into are very own Humboldt Bay in 1850. You see in 1849 the California gold rush struck. They thought that the easiest way to the gold was by ship. Henry Buhne was born in Denmark in 1822. He then grew and became a bar pilot as you know. A bar pilot is an important job. A bar pilot navigates ships out of the way of things like big rocks and sand bars.He did this job for thirty years. He had a son on September 22, 1858. His son ( Henry H. Buhne jr.) had and worked in many businesses such as a tow boating businessand a hardware / sporting goods center.

Captain Buhne had a beautiful home as seen below. It was torn down to make way for the Buhne Store.

Buhne Street is named after Captain Buhne.



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