Chinese in Eureka

Jessica and Sheria


Chinese came to America in 1849 . They journeyed to America in order to find gold. The Chinese came to Eureka when they didn't find gold and made money doing laundry and odd jobs.


The Americans did not like the Chinese so they decided to export them out of Humboldt County. There were strong anti-Chinese feelings all over California.


Most of the Chinese to come to California had no money. They borrowed it from gangs, called "Tongs" by the Chinese. Opposing Tongs fought each other. In Eureka, a city councilman was riding through the Chinese section of downtown, when he was shot by two rival Tongs.

The citizens were outraged and had a meeting and some wanted to lynch every Chinese in the county. After much argument, they decided to send them off on the next ship to San Francisco and said that they could not come back. Charlie Moon was the only Chinese person allowed to stay in Humboldt County . He worked at a ranch up in the hills and was married to an Indian woman. No Chinese came back to live in Humboldt County until the 1950's. Most of the California Chinese went to San Francisco and lived and worked in S.F.'s China Town.


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