by Ashley & Allison


This is a Wiyot basket that the people from Indian Island made. The first people that came to Indian Island were friendly to the Indians. The whites wanted the Indians land so they rebelled against them. People from the army were sent to Ft. Humboldt to fight the Indians. The citizens of Eureka did not think they were doing a good job fighting protecting them. President Grant was stationed at Ft. Humboldt for six months in the 1850's. Later he became a General in the Civil war and after that he was elected President of the U.S.A.


This is Indian Island where the Wiyot Indians were massacred. Jerry James was the only survivor, they found him in his dead mother's arms. Indian Island was a sacred site for them. The whites killed the Indians because they wanted the land. Some whites thought that it was ok to do that, but some didn't. There were about sixty people killed, about fifty of them were women and children.

There is a plaque down at the Marina. Now the Indians are buying the island back. Mayor Flemming lives on the island. Although they are spelled differently,he town of Weott is named after the Wiyot tribe

 Indian Island is also called Gunther Island.


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