Lynne Mahony
Coordinating Nurse

Linda Alm
School Nurse

Cheryl Hale
LVN/Instructional Aide

Kathy McClung
Medical Clerk

Kimberly Omey
School Nurse

Lily Pang
Medical Clerk

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The Health Team is composed of School Nurses, a Licensed Vocational Nurse and Health Aides. The team offers multiple services to our schools, including vision and hearing screenings as well as individual educational plan health reports. School nurses work with students, health care providers, families and school staff to coordinate training and supervision to school staff for students’ health care needs at school. We also assist the districts and parents/guardians by providing information and guidance on a variety of health-related concerns such as first aide and common communicable childhood illnesses.

We’ll be seeing the staff and the children soon as we begin screening for hearing and vision. Give your nurse a call if you have any questions on health related concerns. We are here for you!

The HCOE Health Team


  1. Whooping Cough Requirement
Contacting Us
Although we have provided e-mail addresses to contact the staff of the HCOE Nurses Department, it is not a secure means of communication, and is not recommended to relay confidential health information.  Please use the e-mail addresses only to initiate contact with the Nurses’ Department, or to discuss other matters besides specific confidential health information.  To discuss any health information, the nurse can contact you in person or by telephone, so it is helpful to provide a telephone number where you can be reached.