2012 General Obligation Bond Citizens Oversight Committee

Introduction: On June 5, 2012 the voters within the Trinidad Union School District boundaries approved a general obligation bond in the amount of $2,200,000. The purpose of that bond, authorized under California Proposition 39, was defined in the text provided to voters during that election:

“To improve the quality of education; make health and safety improvements; replace 1950s plumbing systems; improve student access to computers and modern technology; modernize classrooms, restrooms, and school facilities; upgrade inadequate electrical systems; and renovate the multi-purpose room for school and community use; shall the Trinidad Union School District issue $2,200,000 of bonds at legal interest rates, have an independent citizens’
oversight committee and have NO money taken by the state or used for administrative salaries.”

Authorization: The bond measure passed by a margin of 81.5%, far exceeding the legal threshold. By approval of this measure by at least 55 percent of the registered voters voting on the measure, the Trinidad Union School District was authorized to issue and sell general obligation bonds of up to $2.2 million in aggregate principal amount at interest rates below the legal limit and to provide financing for the specific school facilities projects listed in the Bond Project List, subject to all the accountability requirements specified in Proposition 39.

Evaluation of Needs: The School Board has identified detailed facilities needs of the District
and has determined which projects to finance from a local bond at this time. The School Board
has certified that it has evaluated safety, class size reduction, enrollment growth, and
information technology needs in developing the Bond Project List below:

  1. New 1,440 square foot modular youth center building (PC-04-112072 / Silver Creek Industries) included in Plan Set, and associated flooring, site and fire alarm improvements as indicated in Plans and Specifications.
  2. New 1,750 square foot Multi-Use Room and related site work.
  3. Alterations and addition to Administration area, including new Staff Toilet Room.
  4. Alterations to existing Multi-Use Room including rot repair of exterior south wall.
  5. Underground waste line replacement as indicated in Plans and Specifications.
  6. One new fire hydrant.
  7. Renovation of four student toilet rooms.
  8. Replacement of gas furnaces at existing Multi-Use Room with new high efficiency gas furnaces.
  9. Renovation of corridors including HPL wainscot, painting and flooring.
  10. New sliding dry markerboard/cabinets and wall treatments in designated classrooms.
  11. New exterior cosmetic improvements at kitchen building including new mansard roof and new exterior siding treatments.
  12. New digital communications system throughout the school per Plans and Specifications.
  13. Selected electrical upgrades including electrical panel replacement and new feeder to Youth Center and new Multi-Use Room.
  14. Fire alarm system upgrades as required by alterations,
  15. New hydration stations / drinking fountain at two locations.
  16. Exterior site improvements including new basketball standards, court re-surfacing, and selected concrete replacement at door landings for accessibility compliance.
  17. New signage as indicated in Plans and Specifications.

Accountability Requirements: Expenditures to address specific facilities needs of the District will be in compliance with the requirements of Article XIIIA, Section 1(b)(3), of the State Constitution and the Strict Accountability in Local School Construction Bonds Act of 2000 (codified at Education Code Sections 15264 and following). The provisions in this section of Proposition 39 are specifically included in the local bond election measure in order that the voters and taxpayers in the District may be assured that their money will be spent wisely. Among the requirements is the mandate that the District shall establish an independent Citizens Oversight Committee.

Independent Citizens Oversight Committee: Proposition 39 requires that the School Board shall establish an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee (under Education Code Sections 15278 and following) to ensure bond proceeds are expended only on the school facilities projects listed on the ballot measure. As required, this committee was established on September 20, 2012 by an action of the Board of Trustees of Trinidad Union School District.

Membership: The following Citizens Oversight Committee membership has been approved by the Board of Trustees for Trinidad Union School District:

  • Business member – Gail Saunders
  • Senior Citizen’s Organization – Ann Pinske
  • Taxpayer’s Association – Steve Edmiston
  • Parent or Guardian – Jennifer Fraser
  • Parent/Guardian and PTO member – Valle Janes
  • Community Member – Chuck Vanderpool
  • Community Member – Mike Pinske
  • Community Member – Camille Damian

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