Nutrition Information

Lunch Prices

Regular: $2.75
Reduced: $0.40, Free
Adults: $3.50
Milk: $0.25

Breakfast Prices*

Regular: $1.50
Reduced: $0.25, Free

*Served during a.m. recess, called "snack" by most.

Students order lunch in class each morning. Lunches and breakfasts can be pre-paid in the school office.

Adults order and pay for lunch in the office in the morning...or call the school to order 677-3631.

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We want our kids to enjoy eating healthy food and make good choices for their well-being. We try to use local vendors and organic products when we can. It's expensive, we know. Fortunately kids appreciate good simple food that isn't pre-processed. Our kitchen budget realizes a savings in the long run through our zero waste philosophy. This is especially true when in comes to not serving our food in throw away containers or packaging. Disposable packaging is like throwing dollars into the land fill as well as wasting natural resources of the earth. We have re-usable lunch sacks for field trips instead of using paper bags. The classrooms helped in making these as a school wide project.

Providing fresh, raw fruits and vegetables each day is a priority as is getting whole grain products on the menu as much as we can. Our ground beef is locally raised, free range and grass-fed, which is much more nutritious than grain-fed beef on mega farms or stock yards.

As part of the National School Lunch Program there are rules and guidelines we have to follow. We'd like to share some of those with you... our school has chosen a serving option called "Offer vs. Serve". This means that kids go through the line like a buffet and they must choose items that are equivalent to a serving of three different foods. It sounds complicated, but basically they need three different items on their tray (although a piece of lasagna may have a serving of grain, vegetables, and protein in itself). Beginning this year our menu planning approach is called the California SHAPE Revised. This is the most nutritionally demanding of the options, but one that best represents what we serve. This approach integrates beans, more whole grains, and requires that some of the fruits and vegetable be fresh and raw.--No problem for us. We've learned that kindergartners can't see over the counter to make their lunch choices so their trays are pre-plated which means that they receive some of everything. It seems like a lot of food on their trays, we know. Fortunately, many of the kids choose to taste something new when it is sitting there on the tray. If they taste it, I'm happy. Eventually they may discover that they like this new food and will add it to their repertoire.

Parents are always welcome to join their kids for lunch. Please order it in the cafeteria ahead of time and pay $3.50. As always, adults visiting campus need to check in at the school office.

What About PBJs?

We offer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to children who order them by morning recess. If you don't order one, you don't get one. They are made with organic peanut butter, jam with minimal sugar, and whole wheat bread. These are meant to be an alternative when there is no vegetarian protein option. While we use wholesome ingredients to make these sandwiches, we discourage ordering one every day. We need to eat a variety of nutritious foods.

In the end, we try to make food fun and healthy, while adding a good measure of love.