Local Control Accountability Plan

California’s new school funding program matches up the new funding received with each local school’s plan to use that funding on behalf of students. Trinidad School’s Board of Trustees, administration and teachers are eager to have your input in order to form our District’s priorities and a plan which best serves our very special kids.

Beginning with the Community Forum event held on October 3, 2013 the District began developing a set of priorities. With input from numerous Board meetings, Site Council Surveys, and meetings of school staff, those initial priorities have been slowly refined. The state requires that we finalize our plan by June 30th, and we are hoping for your assistance in doing so.

The elements of the Trinidad School Accountability Plan are listed below as Goals 1-7. Each of these goals fits into the state’s requirement that district plans address specific areas related to achievement, school climate, engagement of students, course access, parent involvement, as well as availability of qualified staff, textbooks and facilities. Many other District goals will remain in place as part of the Board’s District Action Plan.

If you would like to read the entire LCAP, you may download a PDF here.

Goal One: Academic Support

(a) Support student achievement by providing focused Common Core State Standards professional development and student access to highly qualified certificated staff.

(b) Reduce class size in grades K-3.

(c) Provide Common Core aligned Language Arts and Math curriculum and resources to students.

Goal Two: Facilities

(a) Prioritize safety and school maintenance throughout the school as determined by Facilities Inspection Tool (F.I.T.) and assessment by Humboldt County Office of Education Risk Manager.

(b) Prioritize improvements and upgrades to classrooms and student and staff bathrooms.

Goal Three: Course of Study

(a) Provide a broad course of study that includes all subject areas applicable to K-8 students.

(b) Provide and expand programs such as: Artist-in-Residence, instrumental and choral music, Spanish, gardening, fitness and marine science.

(c) Provide required minutes of physical education averaged over a ten day period to all students.

Goal Four: Technology

(a) Invest in current technology to support student achievement, implementation of Common Core State Standards, and the upcoming Smarter Balanced online assessments.

Goal Five: Special Education

(a) Provide increased academic support for students with IEPs and 504 plans.

Goal Six: Targeted Support

(a) Provide increased academic support for targeted student groups including Native American and socio-economically disadvantaged students.

Goal Seven: School Climate

(a) Administration and staff will use multiple methods and venues to communicate with families, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and engaging parents and students in the educational process.

(b) Educate students, parents, and staff on the adverse effects of bullying and develop a plan for reducing incidents of disruption and harassment.

(c) Assure that classified staff are highly trained in the area of student supervision and support.

Your priorities are important in developing a truly representational multi-year plan that adequately serves Trinidad School students. Please fill out our online form to comment on any of these goals, or to suggest addition, revision or elimination of any item in this developing set of local priorities.

Matt Malkus