Trinidad School Programs

Small School Climate with a Wide Range of Programs

Highly Qualified Teachers – 100% of our devoted teaching staff meet the federal guidelines for "Highly Qualified Teacher". In addition, all of our teachers are active in ongoing professional development coursework, assuring that your child is guided by expert instructors who are up-to-date on the latest in educational research.

Instructional Aides in Every Class – Students receive additional assistance in every class from trained Instructional Aides. This allows greater flexibility in grouping, a more personal rapport between students and staff, and an additional adult in every class to assist with all aspects of instruction.

Resource and Title 1 Instructor – A full time specialist serves students with special needs in two separate programs. Once a student is identified as requiring instructional accommodations or extra assistance through Special Education or Title I identification protocols, the Resource/Title I Teacher provides a special program with individual assistance or small group instruction.

Reading Discovery Program – Primary students are given targeted one-on-one reading instruction from a teacher trained in the internationally acclaimed "Reading Recovery" method. It is our goal to have all students reading at grade level by the end of first grade!

Speech Specialist – A Speech and Language specialist serves Trinidad School two days per week, providing diagnostic testing and individual assistance in speech development.

Counseling – The school counselor provides whole class instruction on social issues, mentors friendship groups, and offers one-on-one counseling for students whose parents request this service. Additional counseling services are provided for our Native American population through funding provided by United Indian Health Services.

Homework Club – On Monday through Thursday our after-school tutors assist students in completing homework assignments. Students may be referred by teacher or parent, or elect to attend on their own. This tutoring allows the student to complete homework quickly and accurately, and to receive instruction tailored to individual difficulties the child may have with the assignment.

After School Child Care – Trinidad School students may attend our "Dragon's Lair" after school program from 12:30 through 6:00 p.m. daily. Experienced instructors provide academic support together with high-morale art, sports, games, and other activities on a pre-scheduled or drop-in basis.

Artist-in-Residence – Trinidad School has long maintained visual art instruction through the Artist-in-Residence program. Our artist and teacher is painter Thao LeKhac, who has worked with students at many schools in multiple artistic media. All students K-8 enjoy an art class with Thao once per week.

Choral and Instrumental Music – A certificated music instructor provides choral music for all students in grades K-4, as well as instrumental instruction and choir as elective offerings in grades 4-8. All third graders study recorders for the year, learning how to read music and how to identify note values and rhythms.

After School Sports Teams –Trinidad School fields teams in girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball (grades 5-8), and cross-country. Many students also participate in local recreation leagues such as soccer, baseball, or roller hockey.

Marine Studies – The Marine Activities Resources & Education (M.A.R.E.) program was developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science at U.C. Berkeley. This K-8 curriculum culminates in May during an "Ocean Week" of exciting school-wide marine activities and presenters. Our collaboration with HSU's Marine Laboratory and close proximity to Trinidad Bay further enables meaningful marine education.

Gifted And Talented Education – Trinidad School maintains a GATE program, identifying eligible students and providing differentiated instruction and special projects and activities as mandated by the State of California.

Computer Lab Instruction – A technology instructor introduces students to the world of technology in our lab featuring 25 PC's, high-speed Internet access, activities integrated with core curriculum, and enrichment opportunities.

On Campus Pre-School Facility – Salmonberry Pre-School, under the auspices of Northcoast Children's Services, provides both income-based and pay-for-service programs for pre-schoolers right on our campus. During their pre-school years these youngsters have the opportunity to develop a high comfort level with our school environment.

Small School Climate – This is perhaps our best offering – the very personal, caring environment which only a small school can offer!

Located on a beautiful campus next to Trinidad State Park and the bluffs of the Trinidad coast, Trinidad School offers a wealth of programs and a warm welcome to all !