School Site Council

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The state of California has determined that each school shall have a School Site Council charged with specific duties. Site Council is comprised equally of school personnel and parents, though some members fill both roles. For the 2017-18 school year, the Trinidad School Site Council membership is composed of:

   • Kathleen Nunley-Monahan | Teacher/Salmonberry
   • Annalisa Rush | Parent
   • Jennifer Lance | Parent
   • Clair Miller | Parent
   • Lou Mcgill | Parent
   • Matt Malkus | Superintendent/Principal
   • Tony Pitre | Other Staff
   • Shannon Ingram | Parent
   • Emily Prince | Teacher
   • Tyler Vack | Teacher



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School Site Council Duties

The Site Council essentially works on two major school issues: Achievement and Safety. In addition, the Trinidad School Site Council has taken on other significant challenges including student, parent and staff surveys, nutrition program improvements, playground equipment design, and fundraising for the school running track.

Achievement: Some of the funding received by the school is marked for specific groups of students: At-risk students, gifted students, socio-economically disadvantaged students, English language learners, etc. The Site Council reviews how these “categorical funds” are being spent and recommends to the Board of Trustees either that this is an effective use of these funds, or that changes should be made.

Safety: The Site Council annually provides a blueprint for maintaining a safe school. A Disaster Plan lays out procedures for prevention, safe egress during emergencies, and orderly response to emergencies. In addition, the Council updates an Action Plan which sets specific goals for school safety in the areas of programs/people and place/facilities. Together these comprise a “Comprehensive Safety Plan” which is updated annually.