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Recommended Software for Yearbooks

Yearbook Tips

If you are planning on using Picasa and/or OpenOffice to design your yearbook, please click here to download instructions. Otherwise please use the following suggestions.

Remember, we are always available to answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to contact us when you are first planning a project.

• Planning Your Yearbook
• Getting Your Cover Ready
• Photographs
• Hardcopy or digital submission
• Timeline

Planning Your Yearbook

Your yearbook can be bound 2 ways:

Stapled and Folded: If your yearbook is 40 pages or less (not county the cover), it can be bound this way. It will be printed 2-sided on 11x17 paper and your toal page number should be divisible by 4 (see example below). If it is not, we can add autograph pages at the end to make it divisible by 4.

Coil Bound:
Yearbooks with more than 40 pages will be coil bound. They will be printed 2-sided on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, so you just want it to be an even number. Back to top

Getting Your Cover Ready

Covers are submitted as artwork by a student, a color photo(s), or we design your cover for you. They are published separately from the insides, and we encourage submission of the cover as soon as it is ready, usually well in advance of the insides.

Student Artwork: Students should create a line drawing in black for the cover on a white sheet of paper 8 1/2 x 11. If they are doing a front and back cover, each should be drawn on a separate 8 1/2 x11 sheet of paper and labeled which is front and which is back. The line drawing will be scanned and the lines will be as thick as the original. So if a student wants a thin line, they should use a fine tip black ink pen. If they want a thicker line, they can use a black felt pen.

Once the line drawing is done, make a photocopy of it and give it to the student to color in. Submit the black and white copy and the color copy to the Communication Center. Both copies will be returned.

REMEMBER: The more colors, the higher the cost. Although black doesn’t have to be used, it typically is; and it is considered a color.

Full Color Cover: For best results, these should be submitted digitally. They are generally a group photo of the students or a collage of different photos. Photos can emailed to us along with the wording you want and we will lay it out, or you can do your own layout and email us a pdf.

Having Us Design Your Cover: If you want us to design, just let us know what you want. We will send you a proof for approval before printing. Back to top

Photographs And Graphics

Always use the best quality you have available for photos – poor quality photos will only get worse in reproduction.

No matter what kind of photos you are using, be aware that one light photo on a page of normal/darker photos will not end up looking very good (and vice-versa). Try to maintain about the same light/dark balance throughout your yearbook.

Digital photos can be enhanced in a photo editing application (such as Photoshop or one that may have come with your camera). This is especially helpful if your photo is dark or has little contrast.

Graphics and photos taken from the Web are usually low resolution and do not reproduce well. Back to top

Hard Copy or Digital Submission

Hard Copy Submission: If you are submitting a hard copy, we have paste-up sheets for you to use. They are printed in non-photo blue ink with lines for both collages and individual student photos. They are set up for 1/2 inch margin on all 4 sides. Rubber cement is the best choice for pasting up. Press firmly from the center out to the edges to avoid wrinkles. Be sure to use enough so the photo/graphic stays down on the edges, but not so much it leaves bulges. Scotch tape is NOT recommended.

Pages need to be numbered on the back using a pencil. Do not press hard.

Digital Submission: If you are submitting a digital yearbook, your page set up should be 8 1/2 x 11 with 1/2 inch margins on all 4 sides. A pdf file is usually the best way to submit your yearbook. Back to top


Yearbooks should to be submitted at least 3 weeks before you want them. Calling the Communication Center with a date when you will be bringing your yearbook in is very helpful. Back to top